Future Imperfect

What is Climate Change?

What is climate change? What’s causing it? What will it mean for the world as a whole? And what does it mean to “fight” climate change? This first episode takes a look at the big picture. It also introduces our core three concepts: climate change mitigation, adaptation to climate change, and climate justice.


  1. How are greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming?

  2. What is the difference between global warming and climate change?

  3. What are four to five ways climate change will affect the world?

  4. What is the importance of +1.5 degrees Celsius?

  5. What is climate change mitigation? What is adaptation to climate change? What is climate justice?


Many of the young people I interviewed from various regions of the state show up in this episode. In order of first appearance, they are: Nef (Los Angeles), Michael (Huron), Monique (Riverside), Hriday (Livermore) , Elias (El Centro), Kaitlin (Ukiah) , Tehlias (Ukiah), Diego (Chula Vista) , Domingo (Watsonville), Frank (Watsonville), Mikayla (Windsor), Nadine (San Rafael), Isha (Oakland), Zeke (Canyon Arroyo), Brooke (Big Pine), Ivan (San Joaquin), Elizabeth (Delano), Karissa (Delano), Jayson (Sacramento), and Amber (San Diego).

I also spoke with my scientist-collaborator, Nancy Freitas.


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