Publicity about AREP trip to Uganda

The St Helens Star publicised the 2015 AREP trip to Uganda.  Well done to Erin and friends and your Head of Year for enthusing students in Year 8 at Rainford High.

As a result of this article, Wish FM called and sent a reporter round.

Schools can play a huge part in raising awareness for charities working locally and in other countries.  If anyone would like our more detailed pack of information about any of the sponsored children, or what we’re hoping to achieve during the trip, please get in touch.

Sponsored walk around Anglesey part 2

Red line shows the walk!

This 60-mile sponsored walk (Puffin Island to Holyhead) raised funds for school fees. Part 1 was a similar distance along the Northern Coast of Anglesey from Holyhead to Puffin Island (the blue line).

The Southern (red) route completed a circuit of the island.

Each child we sponsor is known to us personally from our visits to Africa. Most of them have lost a parent or a sibling due to civil war.

The walk was completed and £2.2k was raised. Fantastic! Thanks to one and all.

How to make Green Tomato Chutney

First your neighbour kindly gives you 9 lbs of Green Tomatoes:

Green Tomatoes from George, Alder Hey Allotments

Green Tomatoes from George, Alder Hey Allotments

Put through the mincer, they produce a bright green, sour-smelling mush!

Through the mincer

Through the mincer

Add a batch of cooking apples from another neighbour

Cooking apples before peeling

Cooking apples before peeling!

Then onions and malt vinegar:

Make sure it's good-quality malt!

Make sure it’s good-quality malt!

And through the mincer, the mixture looks very unappetizing!:

Onions and apples through the mincer

Add Vinegar, plus minced Onions and apples.

Add ginger, cayenne pepper and sugar, then simmer!

Start simmering

Finally tie in sachets of pickling spice, and after a while the colour changes to a beautiful dark brown.

Pickling spice adds a pungent aroma in depth

Garlic and Pickling spice add a pungent aroma

And eventually, 38 jars of finished product!

Finished jars, some hours later!

Finished jars, some hours later!

Quite a few people, on hearing about Green Tomato Chutney, have said “Yuk! I won’t try that!”  But on being persuaded to try it, have loved it and come back for more.

Quite a few jars still available, price £2.  50p covers the cost of ingredients, and £1.50 goes to the project.  An ideal and very tasty gift!