Publicity about AREP trip to Uganda

The St Helens Star publicised the 2015 AREP trip to Uganda.  Well done to Erin and friends and your Head of Year for enthusing students in Year 8 at Rainford High.

As a result of this article, Wish FM called and sent a reporter round.

Schools can play a huge part in raising awareness for charities working locally and in other countries.  If anyone would like our more detailed pack of information about any of the sponsored children, or what we’re hoping to achieve during the trip, please get in touch.

One thought on “Publicity about AREP trip to Uganda

  1. tracy ashcroft

    hi i saw the piece in the star about the uganda trip and fundraising, im a st helens based area manager with the bodyshop at home, and i can offer a fundraising shopping event to help you raise money. you may or may not be aware that we also have strong connections with uganda as our charity – children on the edge have a project ongoing over there
    i would love to talk to some one in more detial about how i can help

    look forward to hearing from someone soon


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