CGEP@Long Beach Programs


Latino Leaders Speak: Stories of Struggle and Triumph

Latino Leaders Speak: Stories of Struggle and Triumph is a free curriculum based on the book of the same name, which is a collection of 33 speeches from contemporary Latino leaders in various fields, including science, politics, and journalism, who have met personal hardships with creative resilience and perseverance. Their inspiring stories motivate and engage all students to be the best they can be and to live their lives in ways that bring hope and dignity to people of all shapes, sizes, gender, and skin tones. The CGEP framework for Global Competence guides each of the learning activities and connects 14 of the speeches to the four global competence domains of Investigate the World, Communicate Ideas, Recognize Perspectives, and Take Action. Workshops based on the book and curriculum are available.

I finally see myself in the “story of America.” — Secondary ELA Teacher


Engaging All Learners

Engaging All Learners is a program for K-12 educators interested in increasing student engagement using an equity lens by integrating culturally responsive practices along with the skills and dispositions of global competence, preparing students to thrive in the 21st century. Engaging All Learners is a six-day program to strengthen teachers’ abilities to serve the academic and instructional needs of under-served and average students in diverse classrooms and incorporate global issues and competencies into their existing curriculum. A classroom coaching component that involves 3 classroom observations and debriefs serves to support educators in their practice. This program is usually carried out within the span of a semester, but alternative formats and chronologies are available. Costs vary, depending on the extent to which coaching is included.

I valued everything — specific strategies, lessons, etc. But I valued most the subtle tips and advice on how to ask questions in an open-ended way and ways to structure classrooms to engage all students and prepare them for life in the 21st century. —Secondary History/Social Studies Teacher


Global Book Bags

Global Book Bags is a free professional development program for elementary teachers and librarians interested in developing global competence and literacy skills through globally themed children’s literature and home (or classroom) learning activities. Each Global Book Bag consists of an age-appropriate book, connected to one of the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and one global competence indicator, a set of instructions, and any materials necessary to complete the learning activities described in the instructions. Students take the book bag home for 4-5 days and share it with an older family member, but the book bag can be adapted for instructional activities in the classroom. Teachers who participate in a Global Book Bags workshop receive a globally themed book of their choice and access to instructions for more books.

I valued the exposure to books that I would probably not have selected to include in my class library. Seeing the wide variety of genres and possibilities to incorporate in my social studies, science, and language art lessons was awesome! — 3rd Grade Teacher


Teaching for sustainable communities

Teaching for Sustainable Communities: Empowering Eco-Literate Global Citizens is a program for K-12 educators who want to explore how to inspire their students with the environmental knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become the change-makers their communities need them to be. The key features help educators:

  • Develop a justice and equity lens in applying place-based strategies to study environmental sustainability issues that are impacting our local/global communities  

  • Explore how growing global competence skills and dispositions can facilitate problem-solving around these issues

  • Engage and empower students to develop their own sense of agency as they collaborate with other stakeholders in their region to find solutions that create more just and sustainable communities, showcasing their efforts in a public forum.

Participants in this program attend a 5-day summer institute with field studies, one follow-up day during the school year, and a local/regional showcase of student projects. Participants who complete all elements of the program may receive a stipend. College Extension Units and LAUSD salary points are available. 

I am walking away with a conviction to continue exploring sustainability and creating an accessible curriculum for all my students. — Middle School Science Teacher


Teaching the SDGs

The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. This free workshop series explores select SDG topics using a multi-disciplinary lens and is appropriate for K-12 classrooms. The SDGs address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, and peace and justice. Every member nation has agreed to work towards achieving the goals and most major cities also have local plans to bring them to life. Participants will hear from experts in the fields of climate change, poverty, gender equality, peace, and more. Standards-aligned classroom resources and learning activities that integrate global competencies are available for all participants. 

The most valuable thing I am taking away from this experience is being aware that I should and can empower my students to have voices and to take action so that they feel confident when making changes that will positively impact their community and even the whole planet. — Elementary Teacher


Intercultural Diplomats

The Intercultural Diplomats Program connects local K-12 educators and their students with international students from the Center for International Education at CSU Long Beach. The educators and diplomats collaborate to create culturally engaging learning activities for students to learn about the diplomat’s home country while learning more about their own cultures. Diplomats challenge and motivate students to learn about different cultures, geography, and global issues prevalent in their countries and the world. Students develop an appreciation and through the relationship with the Intercultural Diplomats come to understand that the differences that exist between us are not larger than the similarities we all share: a desire to live in joy and peace with those we love, to work productively and honestly, and to make a difference in the world. Diplomats share 2-3 presentations with their host classrooms and schedule these in collaboration with the host teacher between February and May. 

I teach special education and anytime I can have visitors from another country come to visit with my students it's a bonus and the students really enjoy it. They get to learn and practice their social skills. Meeting someone who doesn’t look like them or sound like them is really critical. — Secondary Special Education Teacher, Reading Specialist


New Teacher Institute

The New Teacher Institute is a free 3-day program for K-12 beginning and new teachers (preservice to 5th year of teaching). This interactive experience equips new teachers with the skills and support during their first years in the classroom. Guided by the global competence domains of Investigate the World, Communicate Ideas, Recognize Perspectives, and Take Action, participants engage in learning about:

  • Best practices for lesson development using the Inquiry Design Model

  • Communications with parents/guardians to build positive school-family partnerships

  • Effective classroom management guided by culturally responsive practices

  • Kindness, empathy, and community building

  • Self-care, which is important to sustaining creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity required for growth in the profession

  • and more!

This institute is usually offered during the summer and may include follow-up support during the year, but can be made available at different times of the school year. 

I appreciated the access to new resources and meeting a community of like-minded teachers. — First Year Science Teacher