Global Books for Distance Learning


Ada’s Violin

Capitalize on available resources and partnerships: Children in Paraguay form an orchestra playing instruments made from trash.


Ada Twist, Scientist

Explore the world with curiosity: Ada asks lots of great questions to find answers in her world. Do you know any budding scientists like Ada?


A Seed Is Sleepy

Explore the world with curiosity: Investigate the sleepy, secretive, and fruitful world of seeds to learn more and generate even more questions.


I am love

Empathize with others: A child finds ways to show empathy & compassion, and make a difference through simple acts of kindness. The child discovers power in love.

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Recognize the value of each person in a global community: Great potential exists in every person and each person is unique in this world.


Rosie Revere, Engineer

Persist through challenges: Rosie is full of ideas and turns everyday items into inventions. But her best lesson is to learn from her flops.


I am peace

Explore the world with curiosity: A child focuses on the present and calmly acknowledges and accepts feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. The child finds and builds peace.


You, Me & Empathy

Empathize with others: Quinn shares multiple examples of what it means to be empathetic. Questions are posed throughout the story for the reader to think about empathy more closely.