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Los Angeles

In California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment, the Los Angeles region includes Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange Counties, plus parts of Riverside and San Bernardino counties. 18 million people live here – almost half the population of California. How will climate change affect this part of the state? You'll hear from five young people in the region. Their experiences will help you understand Los Angeles' climate future.


  1. In what ways is climate change expected to affect the Los Angeles region? Which of these effects will have the greatest impact on people’s day-to-day lives, in your opinion?

  2. Why will some people in this region experience climate change more intensely than others? Using the CalEnviroScreen, see how vulnerable your own neighborhood is.

  3. How long have Native American communities lived in this region and how did their ancestors respond to natural shifts in California’s precipitation?

  4. In terms of your own feelings about climate change, do you identify with one of the young people interviewed for this episode? Why? Or, if you don’t identify with any of them, why not?


In order of appearance, the young people I interviewed for this episode were: Niaz (Newport Beach), Faith and Maddie (sisters from Fountain Valley), Monique (Riverside), and Nefertiti (Los Angeles). I also spoke with my scientist-collaborator, Nancy Freitas.


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