Future Imperfect

San Joaquin Valley, Part 2

In the last episode, you learned how climate change is projected to affect air quality and heat in the San Joaquin Valley region. Another big projected change has to do with water. This episode is part two for the San Joaquin Valley region. It’s all about how changing precipitation patterns will affect life in the Central Valley.


  1. Use the Drinking Water Tool and the Current U.S. Drought Monitor to figure out where your water comes from and to see how your part of the state is doing in terms of drought. How does this compare to drought conditions in Bakersfield, Delano, Coalinga, and Huron?

  2. How did the past drought (2011 - 2017) affect the people you heard from in this episode? Compare this to how it affected your life.

  3. After listening, watch this Groundwater Aquifer Contamination video. How is drought related to water contamination by 123 TCP and other chemicals?

  4. How might each of the following water-related actions affect life in the San Joaquin Valley region? Also, how do you think they would affect life in other parts of the state?

    • taking more/less water out of rivers and streams

    • managing dams differently

    • fallowing land and using it for solar farms instead

    • allowing snowmelt to flood certain areas at specific times of year so it can sink down into groundwater aquifers


The young people in this episode were first introduced in San Joaquin Valley, Part 1. In order of appearance, they were: Luke (Coalinga), Ivan (Earlimart), Michael (Huron), Yvette (Bakersfield), Karissa (Delano), and Elizabeth (Delano). I also spoke with my scientist-collaborator, Nancy Freitas.


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If you want to dig deeper into some of the topics in this episode, here are some places to begin.

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Save Our Water

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