Distance Learning Resources


Global Books

We have developed a collection of books with global themes for teachers or parents/guardians to use with young learners. Stories are accessible online (though we encourage finding the book to hold, read, and enjoy thoroughly) and have discussion questions with learning activities designed to develop global competence.

Virtual Exchange


Our partner Empatico launched Home-to-Home Connections, a new initiative to help children stay connected to their communities and other children around the world. Home-to-Home Connections helps connect families with children ages 6-11 to their peers from different communities. Moderated by caregivers , children will get to know their partner, share and understand each other’s experiences, and explore various topics such as creating art and practicing kindness. The activities are flexible and designed to be done asynchronously so you don't have to worry about scheduling challenges. You can learn more here. Empatico at Home provides additional resources for teachers.

Growing Global Competence

Each week, select one of the 22 global competence indicators found here and do one or more of the following:

  • Write in your journal: What does this mean? Why is this important to practice? What are some examples of this in my life?

  • Discuss with someone: What this looks and feels like in a family, in a classroom, in a community, and in the world.

  • Find examples in real life: news stories, personal stories, family events, experiences with friends

  • Create art or a photo essay: draw pictures, construct a collage, or take pictures that show or explain this global competence indicator

  • Write a letter: share your thoughts, ideas, and questions about this global competence indicator in a letter to a friend, relative, neighbor, or teacher

  • Write a story: create a story using this global competence indicator as a guide for the story’s characters and events