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Good news for two students starting A levels

Some brilliant news in the past few days.  Two of our students will be starting their A Levels at Seeta High School Kampala later this month, this after a generous supporter offered to match-fund and underwrite their A-Level costs!

Lovemore and Scovia are preparing now for the start of term.

A particular thank-you to Great Sankey High School Science Department for their partnership in helping to sponsor Lovemore over many years, and to other teachers at Great Sankey and elsewhere who have been helping to sponsor Scovia.

Komakech Joseph among the best in PLE

Just received this from John:
“Halleluya Nigel,
Komakech Joseph made it also among the best PLE students with aggregate 5.
English 2 (93%), Maths 1 (98%), Science 1 (96%), Social Studies 1 (97%).
Check his picture that appeared in monitors publication.

Komakech Joseph amongst the best

Komakech Joseph amongst the best

Thanks love and prayers. John”

Notes: PLE stands for Primary leaving exams.
The lower the aggregate score, the better the result.The very best score would be a 4, calculated from being rated in Division 1 for each of the four papers.  Komakech Joseph achieving a 5 is a stunning result.