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Thank-you to all Big Give 2017 Pledgers and Donors

The early bird catches the worm. This Common Fiscal Shrike [Lanius Collaris] was first out of the blocks after a rainstorm at Kabale last month. He says “Thank-you to each person who pledged and donated for the Eco Stove and Solar Cookers Big Give project”.
We reached our target total! £4025 was raised before Giftaid. Now the focus switches to implementation. Watch this space to see how we put your money to work!
It takes a little time to collect the pledges and the Giftaid.
The Big Give say they will credit our account on 15th December with the money from the public donations.

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Common Fiscal Shrike

Common Fiscal Shrike

What is an Eco Stove?

The Eco Stove is a revolutionary product. It was invented in Uganda by Rose Twine and is manufactured there. It is already being deployed in some refugee camps. I met Rose this week in Kampala.
What is an Eco StoveThis model retails for 900,000 shillings (£190) and has a 30 Watt Solar PV panel which powers 2 LED lights, 2 USB sockets for charging mobile phones, an FM radio, an mp3 music player and a Fan which drives air through the cooker, raising the cooking temperature and eliminating smoke. Brilliantly simple, appropriate technology. It can burn charcoal residue (dust and small pieces) which is MUCH cheaper than standard charcoal. Finally, pieces of volcanic rock are used to trap and re-radiate the heat – this further improves the efficiency of the cooker.
A simpler, cheaper model is available for 550,000 shillings (£118) which can burn either firewood or charcoal and has a 20 Watt Solar panel which powers 2 LED lights, 1 USB socket and a Fan.

The Eco Stove can be used at any time and in any season, whereas Solar Cookers are most appropriate during the long hot dry season.

We now think that both Eco Stoves and Solar Cookers have a place in Uganda, with the Eco Stove having the edge! The Haines Solar Cooker costs about £20.

Only 3 days to go until Big Give Christmas Challenge goes live!

Colobus monkey says “Only 3 days until the Big Give Christmas Challenge goes live!” at 12 noon on Tuesday 28th November, One donation – twice the impact.

This year our project at African Refugee Education Project is “Eco Stoves and Solar Cookers for Palabek and Kiryandongo Refugee Camps in Uganda”.
This monkey was at Entebbe Botanical Gardens on Monday this week, just before I caught the plane back to UK after my latest audit visit.

Please be sure to check back any time from Tuesday 12 noon 28th Nov and for the following 7 days. More pictures to come!