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Born and raised in Uganda. Studied Physics at Southampton University. Chartered Engineer for many years in UK Cablemaking industry. Teacher of Physics for the past 10 years. Began the African Refugee Education Project (AREP) in 2006 after a visit to a Refugee Camp in Northern Uganda. AREP was registered as a Charity in the UK on Feb 8th 2012

Results of Comedy Night on 10th June 2017

Children at Palabek Ogili Camp

Children at Palabek Ogili Camp

Quick update following the Comedy Night on Saturday 10th June 2017.

After paying the comedian we’ve raised £536.40 for the 56 refugees at Palabek camp.

Massive thanks to Phil Beswick for doing a really great warm up, to Mark Palmer for such a brilliant main show and to everyone who supported on the night or sent donations. If anyone would still like to give, please use our donate page at

We aim to send the money to Uganda in a few days time.

How is AREP affected by the famine in South Sudan?

AREP locations and the Famine situation

AREP locations and the Famine situation

The above graphic was published recently by Aljazeera. I have just added Pajok (the home town of our South Sudanese students) and Bweyale (where we rent a house as a holiday base).  As you can see, the main impact of the famine and emergency on AREP is indirect, due to the flow of new refugees caused by the war in South Sudan.

Juba to Pajok is 188 km
Pajok to Bweyale is 285 km

Bweyale to Kampala is 221 km

Target reached in the Big Give Christmas Challenge!

Marabou Stork

Marabou Stork

This Marabou Stork is saying, “AREP’s Big Give Christmas Challenge target has been reached!”
Thank-you on behalf of the children to everyone for your generosity.
You can still donate but your donation won’t be matched. and search for AREP

PS The Marabou Stork (Leptoptilos crumenifer) is one of the ugliest birds, but it is a magnificent flyer. Its wingspan can reach 7 feet. This one was catching thermals above Kampala last week.