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Global off-grid lighting association

There’s no mains power in Pajok, so this organisation has some relevance!
I noticed that in their photos are the same solar powered lights we took out to Pajok in December 2011.  The ones in our pictures below are from dlightdesign. The same product featured on the BBC’s series “A History of the World in 100 objects”.  The 100th object was this particular design!  We would like to supply further lights to our friends in Pajok if at all possible.  Fiona and Sunday are at school there.  The lights are small and not very heavy (770 grams) so are suitable for carrying in luggage.

Solar light fully charged by 11am

Solar light at Pajok, fully charged by 11am

Kampala power cut, Laptop plus D-Lights!

Kampala power cut, Laptop plus two D-Lights!


Augustine: murdered by the LRA

Augustine was murdered by the Lord’s Resistance Army whilst he was helping with a relief convoy in Pajok.  The 4×4 he was travelling in was hit by a missile and he died instantly. He was only 36 years old.  The only picture we have of him is this one.

Augustine 2012-04-03 11.42.00_1_1

Augustine, who was murdered by the LRA

Whilst visiting Pajok in December 2011 we had a chance to see Augustine’s grave.

Augustine's grave, near where he died in Pajok

Augustine’s grave, near where he died in Pajok